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Gianna Therese

Gianna Therese

My sweet and beautiful Gianna. Words cannot begin to express the joy and love that you have brought into our home. You are an amazing little girl with a big heart and personality. You light up the room with your smile and melt your fathers heart with your kisses.

You are dearly loved by your brothers who all take turns trying to make you laugh. You make them feel like super hero's when they get you to laugh hard, which is pretty easy since you get such a kick out of them.

You are already walking...amazing! And you are trying your best to keep up with brothers and you especially seem to enjoy wrestling with them on the floor. I don't think that your "princess" status is going to keep you from doing everything your brothers do.

You are a wonderful little girl. I love having a little girl around! You are such a joy and a blessing and so much fun to have in our family. I love you little Gianna!

Here you are with your beautiful Godmother Amanda!
On the boat, safe and happy in your daddy's arms. You always seem to be your happiest when you are with him. I know how you feel.
Oh little Gianna, you are so beautiful. Mommy is so blessed to have you by her side. There are so many things that I cannot wait to do with you as you grow up.

I've never had a child that loves the water more than you Gianna. Whether it's the bathtub or a swimming pool you are absolutely a water diva. You love to put your head in the water and splash around! You show no fear what-so-ever! You and your brothers have so much fun at Grandma and Papa's house in their swimming pool. They love you so much!

Here you are with Amanda (one of your beautiful Godmothers) on your baptism. You looked so beautiful! What a special day!
Here you are in the arms of your other beautiful Godmother, Terri Merkley. Terri gave you your beautiful baptismal gown and the two of you even share the same birthday! Your Godfather is Brock! They all love you very much!
Here you are with your beautiful Yia-Yia. She loves you so much and also really enjoys having a little girl around!

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