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To begin, begin

Five months ago, I made a choice to begin.  To begin the 90 day Body ByVi Challenge, which in turn was just the motivational tool I needed to begin making some very serious changes to better my health and the quality of my life.

During the past five months I have lost 32 pounds.  I made significant changes to my diet, eating healthy proteins, whole grains and even eating more vegetables  (uugghh).  I stopped drinking diet pepsi (my secret love), no longer visited fast food restaurants, and avoided foods and drinks with empty calories.  I was drinking my favorite chocolate shakes once or twice a day, and drinking a bunch of water.  My body was happy with these changes!

During the past five months I also started to become an athlete.   I chose that word specifically, because I had embarked on a serious transformation and the workouts I was doing six days a week were intense.   Each pound lost came at the expense of a lot a hard work and sweat.  There were countless moments that I pushed myself further than I thought I ever could go, and cried a few sobbing tears in the process.  And yet, for the first time in my life, I was seeing amazing changes to my body that fascinated me.  I could actually see muscle definition in my legs and arms.  I could run six miles without feeling winded. I was lifting serious weights in the Body Pump classes I was taking.  I was able to race my kids up camels back.....and actually beat them.  I could play on the playground with my children effortlessly, climbing ladders and crawling through tunnels like a pro.  It felt so, so good!

It's so hard to put into words the satisfaction and surprise I experienced recently when I tried on a size 8 dress and it actually fit. Believe me, I looked at the tag at least five times just to make sure it was really a size 8.  Just five months ago, I could barely squeeze into a size 18 pair of jeans.

For the first time since having children, I've actually had energy.  I've woken up on so many mornings with sense of passion and excitement ready to start my day.  I've actually spoken these words out loud,  "I can't wait to go running this afternoon."  Seriously, who was I?

However, I speak of these things in the past tense.  I was..I did...I could.  That's because three weeks ago something happened.  That "something" is what Johnny kindly refers to as "life happens".  For Johnny and I, life happened all at once and we got knocked down!  Without going in to a lot of detail, we were faced with some challenges that hit us pretty hard and of course happened all at once.  Also, our schedule changed dramatically making it nearly impossible for us to workout.  I got sick and was having bad chest pains and such difficulty breathing that I was convinced that I was having a heart attack (thank-you internet).  After a series of tests that included an EKG, my doctor assured me that my heart was quite healthy (thank-you Jesus) but that I had definitely experienced a series of very real panic/anxiety attacks which apparently have similar symptoms to a heart attack.  Hhmmm, good to know.

Anyways, during the last few weeks, I felt like I jumped off the healthy bandwagon.  And when I say jumped off, I mean I seriously jumped off and rolled several times and then started running in the wrong  It's crazy how quickly I relented back to my former bad habits.   I instantly went running back to my good old friends who always brought me comfort when I needed it most.... chocolate and diet pepsi, sneaking them throughout the day in any ways that I could.   But it wasn't just chocolate and diet pepsi, it was cookies and fast foods, it was chips (not even the remotely good Baked Lays kind of chips).  It was Chuck-a-rama and pizza and ice cream and Taco Time.  It's been three weeks of processed, deep fried and over-saturated foods, the kinds that make you feel so good......and then hours later leave you feeling so bad (so many similarities to sin).

In the past three weeks I haven't worked out once!  Even the YMCA called me to check-in and see if everything was okay.  I have felt tired and lethargic and sad.  Pathetic, I know.  In my moments of excessive eating, I discovered something powerful; those foods will never bring me the joy I had when I was eating healthy and fueling my body for success.

Thankfully, it was just a three week hiccup.  Luckily my new and improved metabolism was working in overtime and compensated for my bad habits allowing me to only gain one pound during this mini crisis.   And once again, the good thing is that I also speak of the last three weeks in the past tense.

Yesterday I began again.  I ate well throughout the day, blending up my yummy chocolate protein shake and found myself back at home at the Y in my favorite Body Pump class sweating hard and pushing through the pain.  My muscles where shaking and I'm totally feeling sore today, but it feels so, so good!  I also broke up with Diet Pepsi....again.

Today I am starting my new 90 day Body By Vi Challenge.  I have a few more pounds I'd like to shred
 before our anniversary trip this summer and I've only got three weeks to push it hard to finish my training for the Great Potato 1/2 Marathon that I am hoping to do in May with Johnny.

So, the moral of this story is this, sometimes life happens.  Sometimes we find ourselves dealing with curve balls and sometimes unfortunately, we even strike out.  But that doesn't have to be the end of the story.....or the game.  There is always a new inning, a new game, a new season.  It's never too late to begin again.

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  1. Very inspiring Lorissa! I've been in a similar place for the last few weeks. Good luck with your race in a couple of weeks! :)