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Carefree Timelessness...

In his book, The Rythm of Life, Matthew Kelly speaks about carefree timelessness.  It's the basic concept of spending uninterrupted, quality time with the people in your life in which you want to build meaningful relationships.  For Johnny and I, our 10 year anniversary vacation we took earlier this summer was all about carefree timelessness and it was undeniably amazing.

Of all of the thousands of places we could have stayed on the island of Oahu, four months prior to our trip, we booked a small beach house online and took our chances, hoping that the pictures on the website were as lovely in real life.  They were.

The beach house that we stayed in was appropriately named the Beach House in Paradise,  which pretty much sums up everything about it.  From the moment we arrived we fell in love with every square inch of this place making ourselves at home in paradise and making so many amazing memories during the next six wonderful days.

From our breakfasts on the balcony overlooking the most breathtaking beach views, to falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves, to laying out on the patio, to enjoying an amazing luau dinner and entertainment.  I'm already dreaming about our return in the future.

The week was the perfect combination of relaxing and renewing our relationship.  This is what carefree timelessness does.  During this week Johnny and I prayed together like we did when we were first dating, when carefree timelessness was in abundance and interuptions were few.

We went on hikes and enjoyed long drives along the coast, blasting our favorite playlists and adding in some "Brian Regan Live" for some laughs.

Carefree timelessness helped me to fall more deeply in love with a man I was already madly in love with.  I'll never forget the first time Johnny held my hand.  It was on our first date during a movie he had taken me to (Star Wars - of course).  I really didn't watch the movie.  I sat there in the theatre with my heart pounding a million beats a minute thinking, "is this really happening, is Johnny Horn actually holding my hand?" This week I had a similar experience. When we were hiking, we hit some challenging terrain and he quickly reached out his hand to help me up.   As I grabbed it,  I felt it.... electricity, and it instantly took me back to those early moments in our relationship when his simple touch had the power to take my breath away.  As we hiked together, holding hands I thought, "Johnny Horn is actually holding my hand, and not only that but Johnny Horn is actually my husband..... and the father of our children.  Wow, is this really my life?  Is this really happening?"

We talked to each other a lot this week.  We also listened to each other and shared our dreams for the future and laughed.....a lot.

We did things we've never done together before like horseback riding.

Carefree timelessness allowed us to go to mass together each morning and gave us the beautiful opportunity to go to lunch with this amazing priest, Fr. Paul, who has an incredibly powerful vocation story.

Carefree timelessess even allowed us the opportunity to make this goofy music video highlighting some of our favorite places on our trip.

I also learned some valuable things during this week.  I learned that I don't want to wait ten more years for another week like this one and although it's not realistic for us to do this every year, I want to make sure that Johnny and I build in more "get-a-ways" into our life even if it's just for a day or two every now and then.  It's important to make sure that our most important relationships get nurtured and that carefree timelessness gets its due place in our marriage.

I also learned how life giving it is to dream about the future together.  Once you are able to really slow down and unplug from the daily grind, it's amazing how quickly our hearts begins to dream and how exciting it can be to just imagine and hope and to listen to God' gentle voice in our hearts.  Oh, it's amazing.  We all need to find pockets of moments in our daily lives in which we can find this place of peace and allow God's dream to penetrate our souls.

And of course as the seven glorious days in paradise naturally came to an end, this mama's heart was ready to head home to her real life paradise (a little crazier paradise of course) with five beautiful children that I was desperately longing to hold in my arms.  I am so thankful for my life and the abundance of love that fills it.  I say it often, "oh how my cup overflows."

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