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So very often I feel like I have to pinch myself when it comes to living in Boise.  I really cannot believe how blessed I feel to be able to raise my children in this beautiful City of Trees, where parks are abundant, people are friendly and there are so many incredible things to see and do!

A few weeks ago we headed out for a Saturday evening adventure in order to enjoy the beginning of Fall and literally we didn't have to go far.  The beautiful Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park located in Meridian behind the Village is just 10 minutes from our house but in some ways we felt like we had embarked on a mini vacation. 

The kids LOVE the playground!  And in the summer they love splashing in the water pad.

They LOVE to fly!


Above the playground is a hill that is as much fun to climb as it is to roll down and as the kids did their share of rolling and climbing, Johnny and I began dreaming about all the cool youth ministry events that could take place in that Amphitheater below.  

Apparently, Dominic loves to fly too!

I cannot tell you how long I've waited for the perfect sunset so I could take a silhouette shot of our kids.  Finally, here it is.

But opps, forgot Dominic, let's try it again.  "Okay guys, on the count of three....jump!"

I vaguely remember what Gianna looks like when she is upright.  This is her new "normal". 

And this....


My loves.  

There really is no place like home and oh, how blessed I feel to call this place home.  Thank you Boise (and actually all of Idaho) for being so amazing! 

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