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In high school, I barely passed my speech class. I literally couldn't make it through a four minute speech without my voice quivering or the room spinning.  At the time I was just a shy, introverted high school sophomore and never would have guessed that someday I'd be giving talks to thousands of people. The only explanation I can come up with is that when God invites us to step out of our comfort zones...He is able to do the miraculous... and of course, through Him all things are possible. 


13 years ago, I was asked to speak at our Diocesan Youth Conference to an audience of 200 high school girls. It ignited a passion in me for speaking about the power of God's redemptive and overwhelming love. I'm a storyteller at heart and now it brings me unexplainable joy to speak personally and vulnerably to others about the ways in which God came crashing into my world nearly 26 years ago and how He's been captivating me ever since. 

I would be honored to speak at your next Catholic event, retreat or conference.

I have experience speaking and emceeing at dozen's of Catholic Women's Conferences & Retreats, Parish Missions and Youth Conferences and Retreats. 

Due to my schedule, I'm only able to speak at one out-of-state event per month. Please email me as soon as possible to verify my availability and to begin the conversation about your upcoming Catholic event.   

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